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About Us

Wall decoration doing since 1995. Then it was little-known way of interior decoration in our country. Now many companies and individual artists engaged in this activity. However, the result always depends on the artist's skill and experience in this field. Over the years we use to decorate thousands of square meters walls and ceilings of various spaces, both indoors and outdoors in Lithuania, Russia, Germany, England, Ireland and Denmark. A variety of patterns and styles of reliefs, sometimes almost turning to sculpture, painting with colored lacquer, and several overlapping techniques to create the best possible result for each client.
We pride ourselves in each design being unique and all designs are painted and modelled with fillers free-hand. We never use stencils or stamps. Therefore, the result is always unique and one-off. Before decorating, always listen to the customer's vision, preferences, look at the whole concept of space, style. Our clients always receive personalized services. Initial consultations are essential so we completely understand and clarify your vision. This communication is maintained throughout the entire project. We can also offer our own ideas. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction with our work.

Decorated wall can even play several roles - changing the perception of space, delaying or raising walls, ceilings, bright interior accent carried out, the role of the draw looks, or mingle with the surrounding space but some protection from dirt, facilitating their care. However, any decorating style or method you choose, it always give you a personal spaces that reflect your tastes and personality. Decorating children's rooms, we can work to involve children, giving them a lot of joy and pride in themselves.

Europe remains popular facade decor, so your house, office or other uses apart from the surrounding structure, eye-pleasing and long-term memory remains.

We hope very pleasant cooperation! Please ask any your questions relating to our business.

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