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Walls, ceilings, stucco facade decoration is a texture, relief, hand-molding, relief sculptures at various depths. All work is done by hand, never used templates, stencils, projectors. All work is original. We can realize your idea or offer our own. The border may look like blocks of sandstone and granite are superimposed, luxuriously glossy or matte original.
The walls, decorating them with plaster, requires no preparation or ironing, can be decorated directly onto the tiles, bricks or gypsum board, saving time and cost of wall plaster and putties.
Using side lighting, reveals texture giving your walls a new look and an impressive play of shadows. In this way, decorating the walls hide reject any building, wall becomes resistant to dirt, it is very important to stairwells, lounges and dining areas. Over time, there are cracks in the walls, but on painted plaster walls that are more or less completely invisible.

Wall, ceiling decoration shaded varnish. It may be only a specific image or strokes, from a few to several overlapping colors, with additional motifs drawing or without them. From the soft, pastel, pale tones to intense and fiery. Decorated wall will be smooth, soft and very resistant to treatment, abrasion, and humidity. For lacquer decoration, the wall is to be prepared for painting or even colored.

Wall, ceiling decoration, combining multiple techniques when it combines with the smoothness of relief as the creation of highly original score.

Painting exterior walls. Decorating in a pop-art style or a realistic, three-dimensional projection.

Paintings on the walls and ceilings. Mural painting. Possible the most diverse styles and original images decorated on your walls, or move from your favorite photos or prints painting them by hand. This may be just a few highlights of a large piece or replacing the perception of space for children in their rooms and the intensification of the comfort of their teens to reflect individuality, public and private spaces. This could be a classic or a modern piece of art created just for this place.
It may be painting on a smooth or like the old plaster walls.

Painting on furniture with your or our proposed project.

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